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Welcome to the Training Course of the IST-funded Thematic Network IS4ALL (Project No: IST-1999-14101). IS4ALL is the first project (Thematic Network), which addressed in a systematic manner the task of consolidating and codifying available knowledge on universal access in the context of Health Telematics. To learn more about the project you can access the IS4ALL web site.

This training course is designed to complement the edited book that reports the consolidated achievements of the project throughout its lifecycle.

What does this site offer?

Through this site you can access:

  • Brief, as well as in depth information about design approaches and methods that can be used to address the challenges posed by universal access in the context of Health Telematics.
  • Examples, exercises, presentations, references and links related to these methods.
  • Background information on Universal Access in general, as well as on the process followed for the development of the material included in this course.
  • Interactive tools for comparing and selecting appropriate methods.
  • A mechanism for personalizing the course's content according to different user profiles (designer, developer, evaluator).
  • A tool for developing alternative custom courses.
  • An interactive glossary of terms.
  • A course history facility.
  • A search facility.

Who is this site for?

The contents of this site are targeted to anyone interested in integrating universal access into a software development life cycle.

How can I use this site?

In order to take full advantage of the site's personalisation capabilities you have to register first. If you want to have a look before doing that, you can login as a visitor (in this case part of the course functionality will not be available).

For any further questions or comments you can contact the IS4ALL training course administrator.